Crafting an Application Essay Topic

Many high school students who want to continue their education in college care about their GPA and completely forget that the admissions board places a great emphasis on the application essays. Almost all colleges require students to submit this paper to be enrolled. The task of the student is to convince all members of the board to enroll namely him or her. The basis of a strong application essay is good writing skills and a successful topic.
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Crafting the topic is much easier than writing the essay; however, it still causes many difficulties. This article aims at guiding you through the process of creating a good topic.

Explore what college requires from you

Before you start thinking about the topic, you must find out the requirements of the admissions board. All colleges are different: some institutions give students the list of pre-written topics, require to choose one, and write the paper on it. Others only give the essay prompts or allow the freedom of choice at all. Your task is to find out this information and plan your further work according to it. If the college gives you several prompts or ideas, but you can’t create your own topic, address to Grademinders, and professional writers will assist you with that. Grademiners reviews prove that these people are competent in many spheres and are always ready to come to the aid. If you’re free to choose the topic, follow the next steps.

Choose the category of the topic

All application essay topics can be conditionally divided into three groups. The first category comprises papers that describe you and your personality. Another group consists of the topics that require students to tell why they chose this college, what attracts them in this institution, and which opportunities for self-realization the college gives to you. Topics that belong to the last group are philosophical.


It’s an irreplaceable step in generating the application essay topic ideas. Your task is to define your values and aspirations, identify what aspects matter to you. Moreover, you should analyze yourself, your strong sides and weaknesses, your personal qualities that are necessary for studying in this institution, your talents, and so on. Do it yourself by setting the questions and answering them or finding special exercises that help to identify all these aspects. If you think of ordering your admission essay from the academic writing service, for example, Paper Help, but you are afraid that the writer won’t be able to reflect this information in your essay, read Paper Help reviews to deal with these fears. All papers are written according to the clients’ requirements.

Ask for advice

Consult your teachers about the winning topic. They surely have more experience than you and will give you valuable advice. Try to create several topics and show them to the teacher. Write a draft paper and do the same. You may also ask your parents and friends to read the paper and express their opinion about it. If you see that your paper is weak and there is almost no time left, visit one of these writing services and order your application essay there.